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America’s Best Bad TV Show

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


As if my reasons to hate MTV aren’t plenty enough, Randy Jackson of all people puts one more addition to my list. “America’s Best Dance Crew” is scheduled to premiere near the beginning of next year. First of all, what a ridiculous name. Second, don’t we have enough of these shows? So you think you can dance, Dancing with the stars and I’m sure a countless amount of other imitations I’ve never heard of seems to be enough to me.

I have honestly not tuned into MTV since about 3 years ago, however, I do know that they play nothing but bad reality shows (and I mean stupid bad) and this will soon take it’s place amongst some of the worst I’m sure. One more time slot that MTV could be using to show actual music, not that today’s music is any good anyway, but that’s a different story.

Auditions take place next month if anyone is interested in being a part of bad TV.


6 Responses to “America’s Best Bad TV Show”

  1. Kat said

    Maybe you shouldn’t worry bout it cuase the people on it see it as the most importain thing of their life and will help them suceed .for all the years they spent practicing and doing stuff you wish you could do, don’t you think that they deserve a little something back!

  2. Dee said

    You sound like a person who wanted to be something and never made it to nothing….. If you hate these shows so much..Don’t watch them. Reality shows certianly beat out the violence and the nastieness of t.v today. I would rather watch a bunch of talented dancers go out there and compete for money and fame than some horror flick where someone is getting there head blown off. Good luck dancers and Randy too.

  3. Anonymous said

    DoNT HaTe oN RaNdY JaCKsoN!!!
    THiS SHoW is THe BeST!!!

  4. amanda said

    This show kicks ass

  5. Vicki said

    you are obviously talking not from experience but from someone who is so prejudice about something jsut because of how it looks and/or sounds. You wrote this before the show even premiered and have probably have never watched it. This show is SO different form those other reality dance show because it is showcasing NOT couples dance or ballroom or anything it giving people a glimpse of streetdancing, the real grunge of dance. I seriously hope you never walk downtown and find yourself in the middle of a battle, you would never make it out alive.

  6. Your right Vicki, thus why I would never go near ‘street dancing’, not even near tv

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