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Ashley Tisdale makes a career move

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 4, 2007


Who cares about Ashley Tisdale? No one! Unless of course you’re a 12 year old girl or a hardcore ‘High School Musical’ addict. I certainly couldn’t care less about her, however after reading an article that she got a nose job, one quote she said stood out to me:

‘I didn’t do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this for my health, I literally couldn’t breathe out of the right side of my nose”

I can’t breathe out of my nose sometimes, it’s called allergies, and I didn’t go running to get a nose job. I think she got her words confused. I think she meant to say ‘career’ instead of ‘health’. ‘I did this for my career’.


9 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale makes a career move”

  1. Barfly said

    She has a deviated septum, which is a problem for a singer.She had the septum repaired. That was her “nose job.”. And if “nobody cares about her”, why is she so successful?
    You sound incredibly stupid.

  2. Sarah said

    I’m just going to tell you to re-read Barfly’s comment, dumbasss

  3. pignose said

    Dear Alcoholic aka Barfly(is it barfly or Barf-ly…what ever),
    …Assley (I meant to spell Assley,you sound like a moron,so You read right) snozz looks different, Because she got Rhinoplasty. Deviated septum? yeah, right, and I got a deviated asshole from shitting too much.
    Same ol story, as ashley simpsons and other big nosed celebraties who could not sing, this “magic” Answer they find, still makes them suck big donkey dicks in a donkey show.
    Deviated septoms is the classic scape goat For usless talent. Your rant sounds like your drunk commenting….stick to commenting on bloody marys and trying to get a girlfriend/boyfriend half as decent as assley, if your lucky. Reguardless of it being a devated septum or an over used pussy that she has from fucking excecutives at Dinseys, she stll got work done.
    So, if you guzzle down your cosmo’s,and minimize your porno on your computer screen, and stop wishing you could cum on Assley’s old nose , instead go watch the “suit life of zac and cody” and realize….you are defending an actress that is in “High school musica”l. How old are you? the only grown people defending child” Disney” actors are pediphiles.
    BTW Barfly,your bar blog sucks more ass than the drink recipees on your page…get a new hobby…and quit jerking off/or smaking your clam to the thoughts of assley naked serving tequila shots. be the bigger person and eat my words.
    Have a nice night, jerking it……ALone!
    And Sarah…..your probably so ugly you need some ugly ass tard with a honking dick nose as your idol…poor thing….go wait for your prince….its probably going to be just a frog.

  4. pignose said

    …oh yeah….I forgot to mention this point….Its ridicoulouse to think that this deviated septum thing happens to great singers like you guys think assley titsdale is. I forget sometimes that she can be put on a pedal stoll along side Barbra Striensand, who really needs a nose job. BTW….I really enjoy her singind, I realy do…especialy when she’s not singin at all…..Thankd you deviated septum! you turned Assley into a vantrilquest.! Heres the dummy herself:

  5. pignose said

    here is an article, since the video has been taken off the net, because she is a fraud:

  6. mygrits said

    yes, and i bet idiots would believe that the whole fucking Jackson clan has had deviated septums. Its called vanity plain and simple. Michael, Latoya, Janet, Shawquan, Tito & Bubbles hated there greasey bell pepper noses and did something about it.

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  8. bo said

    fuck the lot of you she can sing, but high school musical was balls

  9. Anonymous said

    tök szép csaj!

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