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Survivor: Mullet Edition

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 31, 2007


If anyone out there still watches Survivor, you all got to witness ‘Lunch Lady Denise’ fib her way to $50,000. Apparently in the finale of the show, while being interviewed, she said she was demoted from her job at a school cafeteria, to a janitor after taking time off to be on the show. Feeling bad for her, the producers gave her 50 grand.

 Afterwards, people began to find out she wasn’t telling the truth. She actually requested to be a janitor before leaving for the show. When that news came out she decided to donate the money to charity.

I say, cut her some slack, she could have used that money for important things. Like building a time machine to take her back to 1986 when mullets were acceptible in our society.


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