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Tila Tequila; Gay is OK!

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 31, 2007


Honestly, why do people watch MTV? Any Tila Tequila fans out there? Didn’t think so. Consider this just another hate letter directed to MTV.

Tila Tequila, famous for god knows what had a reality show in which she would date several people and then pick a mate. Sound familiar, yes it does. Among the countless other dating shows, this one stood out because, gasp she’s bisexual! And she got to choose from boys and girls! In the end she did take the more socially acceptable route, choosing the man.

My reason for hating this show, is not only is she someone who has used up her 15 minutes of fame (and I’m serious when I say, what the hell is she famous for?!) but this is MTV’s way of reaching out and becoming accepting of gay people. Think of it as MTV teaching it’s millions of morally doomed viewers that, ‘Hey, gay people are human too’.

And on top of that, she’s BISEXUAL. Please, that’s not gonna win any of us gay people over. MTV, your just as shallow as ever.


10 Responses to “Tila Tequila; Gay is OK!”

  1. jasper said

    what is wrong with be ing gay or bisexual and so what if she has her won show she was famous for playboy and my space she is the sex icon for myspace and mtv so i dont care who you are don’t judge by what you see on tv and what you here

  2. leanne said

    i disagree with jasper and totally agree with the first letter-she is famous for nothing special at all people need to get a grip on life and start earning the right to be respected and not taking the slutty rout and taking your clothes off.

  3. netherlands. said

    this is what i love, and can’t stop loving, get wasted at party’s from 9 till 7 in the morning.
    i live for the music, rolling blunds feeling high, gettin’ loaded or take some pills and go to lala land
    spending all my money on dope and extreme high price tickets, but in the end it’s all worth it, i like to live in my one world! FUCK regular life! FUCK a 9 till 5 job, i told to enjoy every moment, every hour, every minute, that’s what i’ll do on fridays and saturdays, why should i take live so seriously? i just wanna do what I like to do! being far from reality, caus i can’t stand society! it’s my own world i just wanna hear the music

    i think the whole system fucking sucks!
    everybody is working their fucking ass of during the week, getting totaly fucking stressed out!
    so what’s wrong and what’s right!?

    I live for the weekend! I live for hardstyles, I live for hardstyle baby!

  4. Tila Is stupid said

    Well, the last comment made no sense… and the first comment was insanely retarded. Yeah, she is known for being on myspace— i guess. I had a myspace in 2004, which was in the beginning before anyone KNEW about myspace and I didnt know who she was then- I just think shes a stupid slut and she serves no purpose. Mtv has always been stupid as well… so I guess the go hand in hand :]

  5. crystal said

    im here 2 say IM A FAN OF TILA TEQUILA ~N~ SHE ROCKS!!!!
    i mean like so what if she’s bisexual?
    alot of people are guys and girls
    im bi all she was doing was making it more pubilcized than she already was
    i thought that her choosing the guy over the girl in the first season was a mistake but hey live and learn…right?.
    TILA IS FINE AS H*** n i would go on that anyday
    i would stick up 4 her and i am
    so stop hatin’ cuz u can’t get with someone as great as her
    i know why she’s famous n why she deserves every lil thing she has that’s good anyways. She loves her fans, she’s had a rough life and she’s the best at what she does. she sings, dances and does sooo many other countless things it would blow ur mind if u only knew how sweet, lovable and caring she can be but she can also kick somebodys a**. so don’t mess with her cuz she’s not hurting anybody by being bisexual and i say GO MTV 4 PUTTING HER SHOW ON THE AIR!!!! i would skip plans just to watch her show. if you dont like her than keep it to yourself you shouldnt be putting crap like this up on the web it could really hurt somebody’s feelings. one last thing dont judge a book by its cover read it first meaning find out what they r really about cuz you might make a mistake and look over someone that could have been the love of your life if you just look on the outside.

  6. crystal said

    tila does serve a purpose n shes not just a slut who takes her clothes off bitches get it straight. if u dont know her than do sum reaserch b4 u judge. and i think the first comment was perfect n the third was kinda strange but hey rock on

  7. Anonymous said


  8. Kendra, NL said

    Hee Guys,

    all i want to say is that it is a little bit childish that you all respond this way. Okay, Tila is bisexual, okay, MTV made a program about it. So what? Maybe there is no reason. Maybe Tila diddn’t even think: I wanna be on television. Why couldn’t you just take it as it is. Fans of Tila, just let it be if other people don’t like her. And anti Tila fans, don’t bother it. A lot of people do not respond to the fact that Tila is bisexual. They just watch the show and laugh about the bitchy things in the program. So again, so what? Don’t make such a big problem of it. In Dutch we have a proverb for things like this. ‘Van een mug een olifant maken.’ It means, that you make of a gnat (is that correct?) a elephant.

    So just relax, enjoy the show and if you don’t like it, just zap to something else.

    Peace Kendra

  9. Kat said

    If you are going to write a blog and expect to be taken seriously, PLEASE correct your grammar! IT IS YOU’RE, NOT YOUR!
    The same goes for those of you writing comments full of netspeak and grammatical errors!
    And regarding Tequila, who cares if she is bisexual? I seriously doubt that she is trying to ‘win us gay people over’. Seems more like her focus is flaunting her sexuality for cheap thrills and cash, not trying to win over the collective gay community.

  10. Tommy said

    wow your stupid gay people first off are human being too so you can just suck it and chock on it cuz that was messed up to say first of!
    and SECONDLY shes famous for singing and yeah myspace and playboy like how dumb are you make a whole article on this and you dont even have your facts straight! GO AWAY!

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