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Another Round Of Shots

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 2, 2008


Earlier this week I mentioned how much I hated MTV for having Tila Tequila have her own reality show. Well, MTV has ordered up another shot of Tequila for a second season. The finale was the highest rated MTV show in two years. I just don’t get it.

What’s gonna happen to the winner of the first season? I thought all reality show romances were a match made in heaven. What’s even worse is Domenico Nesci (your guess is as good as mine to who this person is) from season 1 is gonna have a spinoff show called ‘That’s Amore’. 

I think I have a hangover just thinking about this crap.

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One Response to “Another Round Of Shots”

  1. Tila is stupis said

    Lmfao; nobodies turning into — “I guess we can make you into somebodies..”

    The reunion show: “So… Domen.. whoever the hell you are.. what are you up to these days?”
    Domen: “Well, tila FINALLY decided to settle with me– i work at the powerplant down the road from our farm. But for some reason, tila spends most of her time sleeping over our neighbors house… the husband is never there though.. the wife and the daughter..”


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