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Bad Actor of The Week: Milo Ventimiglia

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 3, 2008

Yesterday I did an article on Milo Ventimiglia, and I thought I would give him the honor of my bad actor of the week. I haven’t done this feature in a while, and I gave the first dubious honor to Bai Ling. With news that Milo is now dating former Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, I thought I would share with you just how bad his acting is.

A list of his work includes: guest appearances on ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’, ‘CSI’, ‘Law And Order’ and ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’. He finally got a steady acting gig in ‘Gilmore Girls’ for 2 seasons as he played Rory’s bad ass boyfriend. Along came his big break, 12 years into his acting career, in the show ‘Heroes’. If your a steady reader of my blog, you know how much I hated Heroes, and his character particularly. He has some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Reference the above clip.

Fun Fact: He was born with dead nerve endings in his lower lip.


7 Responses to “Bad Actor of The Week: Milo Ventimiglia”

  1. Cali said

    Yeah the video you put doesn’t work but I can tell that it’s a scene with Peter and Claude. I loved those two they were such a great team too bad Claude had to run. I also like Milo’s chemistry with his brother and his mother. Their always awesome it just sucks that they always want to separate them lol. But yeah I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I can think of a whole list of actors on Heroes that are bad and you may think Milo is bad but he is DEFINITELY not the worst.

  2. Bonnie said

    Hey. I’m going to have to disagree with you, too! I think he’s an awesome actor. I’m not going to go senselessly bashing your idea, because I know some actors/actresses deserve this! But I think he’s really good. Admittedly not the best, but he’s still better than, say Orlando Bloom. But then that’s not really raising the bar very high! No, I think you need to give some evidence of his being a bad actor, and from recent things. OK, he may have sucked it that clip from Bel-Air, but that was about 12 years ago! Really, I think you should give reasons, otherwise it’s just mindlessly bashing someone because you have a grudge against them. That’s all I can say. All the best, Bonnie.

  3. Ruben said

    Please. All Milo knows how to do is breathe heavily. Watch any scene with him in Heroes. It’s his ace in the hole for any situation or emotion. *HUFF* *HUFF* *HUFF* *HUFF* “That was scary/exciting/sensual/infuriating/exhausting/cool/exhilarating/bestial”.

  4. recoder said

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. The guy is so obviously a ham actor that I can’t believe more people don’t see it. Here is his emotions crib sheet:

    Anger – “Screw up face, spit out lines through gritted teeth”

    Passion – “Screw up face, spit out lines through gritted teeth”

    Love – “Screw up face, spit out lines through gritted teeth”

    Fear – “Screw up face, spit out lines through gritted teeth”

  5. Dan said

    he’s a bad actor, they should lead in a new main character on heroes.

  6. zachr said

    While his acting certainly IS terrible, it is only made worse by the horrible script writing of heroes. My friend told me if I liked Smallville, I would like Heroes, but dear god Smallville’s writing is soooo much better.
    Peter: “I just feel…. like… I have a destiny. Do you ever feel like you have a destiny? Because I feel like…. I’m destined to do something great.”
    Heroes has a couple saving graces (mind you this is after watching about 3 episodes now.) Ali larter as Niki has so far managed to make a great performance from the shitty dialogue she was given, and so has Adrian Pasdar as Nathan. The kid Micah has shitty character and dialogue (the stereotypical “computer genius”) and hayden panettiere is hot but somewhat unconvincing. (once again, I believe this is due to the horribly unrealistic dialogue)

  7. I agree with you. I am seeing at The Whisper and I can’t believe what a see. The worst actor of this great Show

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