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Bad Actor Of The Week: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Body Double

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 13, 2008

Too many things about this make me love hating celebrities so much. The much talked about Hannah Montana imposter video is still widely available on youtube surprisingly. For those who haven’t heard, Miley Cyrus was caught using a body double at one of her concerts. How many people go to her concerts and someone is just finding out about this now? Looking at the vid, they certainly do not do a very good job trying to hide her while the fake comes out. Maybe America was just too mesmerized by her talent to notice.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Body Double takes the honor of bad actor of the week. All three make me cringe, and all three equally deserve the award. Anybody who can stand watching anything more than a single sentence from the Hannah Montana show can see what a mess of an actress she is. What is her appeal? Someone please tell me!

I had to make it a three way tie for the award since Hannah and Miley are the same and after seeing that delightfully atrocious body double performance. Please take note in the video of how this imposter shimmys, shakes, and points her way around stage all while having a bad wig in her face. The sad thing is you can tell she is giving it her all and that she is probably a 37 year old stagehand who fits the part and is forced to wear bad wigs and impersonate a 15 year old girl who will make more money then she ever could dream of.

Everyone is so upset that Hannah has a double. I say who cares. If it was me, I would be more upset that I spent 1000 dollars on a ticket to see someone who has no talent.


13 Responses to “Bad Actor Of The Week: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Body Double”

  1. madison/miley's #1 fan said

    leave miley alone! who cares if she had a double it was probally for just that one show! leave her alone elot of people have a double to use wen they get tired! id gladly be her double!

  2. meg33333 said

    its ok everybody uses doubles or fakes once in a while.I mean go look at an action movie & you can see the “fake” get off her back about it!!!!!!! DO NOT TELL ME NOBODY USES DOUBLES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. threadtrend said

    I don’t care that she uses doubles, I care that she has a career. Jesus! At least Debbie Gibson could sing.

    Miley’s #1 Fan! Oh, sweety, don’t be an asshole.

  4. billy bob saget said

    Disney celeb and action movies, two diffrent things. Miley had a poor body double that was double mileys weight, sad how she needed to take a rest from what she thinks she does best, which is entertain. So those “playfull” miley and her friend, is that her body double too. Pretending to be young sexually naive girls? Will miley call in her body double to eat her out? I just hope disney gets politcally correct and accepts miley as a lesbian.

  5. Avery said


  6. julian said

    idk shez awsum

  7. She is great, and i have seen her live and it was still a great show….leave her alone.

    Miley Cyrus Fan.


  8. Once upon a time Miley fan said

    Oh Please! How much more are you people going to take till you give up! She is fake! “Oh its ok she just did it one time!” I am sure the people who paid a lot of money to see her show aren’t saying the same thing… oh my lord!

  9. um this mother fuck bitch is sucha loser! why rebody like the white bitch?

  10. back again BITCHES see me and more! @ yumyum!.com Hay!


  12. DJ MASACRE said

    lol … you people are stupid.

    body double or not, she does not know how to act.

    atleast on those family channel shows, those shows are so robotic, its as if you can see each queue before someone comes into a room.

    wait until she turns into a britney spears and/or paris hilton and i bet youll still watch her ¨perform¨on stage, even though shell be a dirt trash.

    oh and ill save you the trouble right now and already say Im very jealous, of course. Ive always wanted to be a highly overrated nobody.

    Her show was alright for some girls once in awhile, but honestly, she is not worth what you people make her out to be, its pretty funny.

    and whats with the lame spam sexy gurrl haay !? I hope you are not real, because that is the lamest thing ever, you should not even own a cell phone or a computer, since it looks like your way too dilluted in another dimension. But atleast you realize Cyrus is crap, lol.

    She would have been cool if she wasnt starting to be a bad role model for young girls. You watch and see …

    and you parents let your kids watch these girls on TV … youll see, and your young girls are going to grow up dressing like whores sooner than you know it. Look how many are walking around every day in heels, tank tops as dresses , etc ….

    give me a break =/

  13. i think she is so bad i mean it pisses me off so much how these sucky ass kids who cant act and cant sing are getting more and more money another is miranda cosgrove she is a terrible actor and singer but yet she gets ton of money

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