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Justin Timberlake = Not Funny

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 29, 2008


I don’t like Justin Timberlake. In fact, the longer he is in existense, the more I dislike him. You could say I’m this close to hating him. Why you ask? Because if it’s one thing that gets on my nerves, make that two things (amongst many) that get on my nerves with celebrities, its – 1)people who think they are jack of all trades (singing, ‘acting’, commercials, world peace, etc) and 2) PEOPLE WHO AREN’T FUNNY!

Justin Timberlake falls into the black hole of both of those catergories. And one other thing to add, I can’t stand that everyone thinks he’s hot, and that he thinks he’s hot. He looks like he was born albino and had that permanent makeup surgery to add some color to his ever pastey skin. Who does he think he is acting now? He is soon to be ‘star’ of ‘The Love Guru’ coming out later this year. Please, it’s bad enough that by looking at that picture from your new movie everyone in America can tell how bad it’s gonna be, but starring next to Verne Troyer? Is he still alive? Didn’t he die from munchkin aids years ago?

I just think people like Justin should stick to what he is known for. Notice I didn’t say good at. Just go back to making predictable music and stop thinking you are so hot. Verne Troyer is hotter than you AND funnier. How’s that for your ego?



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CD Of The Week: Goldfrapp ‘Seventh Tree’

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 28, 2008


To prove I don’t hate everything in this world, let me make a suggestion for something I love.  I thought I would do a weekly ‘cd of the week’ to show off some of the music/albums I love. Go buy Goldfrapp’s new cd ‘Seventh Tree’. You might be thinking, she’s too dancy (aka- too gay) but in fact this cd is a great singer-songwriter album (something I love) that music fans of all genres can appreciate. And for the gays who love uber-gay dance pop, well this cd isn’t for you.

Below is her video for ‘A&E’

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Top Model Episode Two

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 27, 2008

What is up with this seasons cast of top model? Geez, I know models are supposed to have that ‘look’, but I didn’t think that look meant looking like any of these girls. First you have Marvin, I mean Marvina, no I do mean Marvin, who looks like she still is homeless, Fatima who looks like she got spagetti thrown in her hair, Stacy Ann who holds the Guiness World record for largest forehead, Lauren who I’m convinced works at Starbucks next to my house, and Whitney, token plus size model, and who are we kidding. The day a plus size model wins on this show is the day Tyra really does become homeless.

Speaking of being homeless, who does Tyra think she is? Saying she is confronting a powerful issue because on her show she was homeless for a day. WHAT? Tyra, it doesn’t count when you do it voluntarily and when you do in fact have a house. Basically all you did was just camp outside in the gutter without a tent. You have nothing in common with people who are homeless. And, what gives with your ‘homeless makeup’? Your on the streets for a day and yet your withered and filthy like you’ve been out there for 25 years?

Please enjoy the above clip. I sure did. I love Tyra pretending to be concerned about money, and why she would need to find a place to be clean, even though she is only fake dirty (it’s makeup remember Tyra?).  

Stuff like that make me hate watching the show, but love hating it. Thank you Tyra.

Check out ThreadTrend for a hilarious recap to the episode.

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Oscar Snoozefest

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 25, 2008


How many people sat through those boring Oscars? Not me. Yes I had the tv on but I wasn’t really watching it. I had better things to do, like not caring who won ‘Best Cinematography’ or ‘Best Sound Mixing’. Please, win a real oscar.

I was happy however that Marion Cotillard won. I’ve been wanting to see that movie and if anyone has already seen it please tell me how it was. Other than that, why can’t the writer’s stay on strike and we could just have a ‘Nancy O’Dell Oscar Runthrough’ like we did with the Golden Globes?

 Check out my favorite blog, ThreadTrend as they talk about Marion Cotillard as well!

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And the Oscar Goes To….

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 18, 2008


Little ole Miley Cyrus is a bundle of controversy these days. First she gets slammed for not having her seatbelt on in her ‘movie’. Geez they are taking that whole Disney Channel persona too far. Don’t let your stupid kids who watch Hanna Montana get the wrong impression by seeing her without her seatbelt because then they might grow up to drink and drive, do drugs and have sex. Basically just chill out folks.

And now she is getting criticized for being announced a presenter at the Oscars next week. People are saying she shouldn’t be there because she isn’t a real movie star. True, however her movie was the biggest selling show at the box office for a couple weeks. And secondly who gives a shit. Does that mean that only movie stars can show up to the show now too? That would mean Bai Ling is out of luck again. Its not the first time a non movie star would present an award.

I guess you could say I’m sticking up for Daisy Duck face.

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Big Brother Scandals

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 17, 2008

This season of Big Brother is shaping up to be one scandalous edition. First that ugly guy James was discovered  jerking off in a porno, and now half nude pics of gay contestant Neil emerge. On top of that ditzy girl Amanda is now accusing her ‘soul mate’ (Big Brothers term, not mine) of molesting her.

With the writers strike just barely over, new shows won’t be back on for quite some time still, so I am stuck watching this. What else am I supposed to watch? I’m just waiting for one of the girls to say they really have a penis.

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27 Dresses And Still Can’t Find A Look

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 14, 2008


 I like Katherine Heigl even during her awkward years in ‘Roswell’, but this picture of her promoting her movie ’27 Dresses’ in Spain makes me think I’m looking at a coked out Sharon Stone.


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Christina Aguilera and Her ‘Baby’

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 14, 2008


Congratulations to Christina Aguilera for having a baby. She lied to the world for months about being pregnant and now she is flaunting this demonic looking child for the world to see on People magazine. If there is one reason I HATE celebrities so much, it’s when they whore out their babies to magazines. It’s kinda like baby prostitution if you think about it. Highest bidder wins, and the rich celebs get richer.

 I’m not big on kids and/or babies. I get uncomfortable around them, I hate when people ask me to hold their new baby cause I think I might drop it. And I’m definately not one to say ‘Aw, what a cute baby’ even if it is. And looking at Christina’s, that ain’t no cute baby. It looks like an old man and it’s name should be McGee.


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Remember Me?

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 14, 2008

So basically I’ve been gone a long time. For my 7 loyal viewers, your in for a treat. I’m back in full force.

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Amy Winehouse

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 14, 2008

I know I’m a few days late, but I was on blog vacation so get over it. I just wanted to post this amazing clip of Amy Winehouse giving a awesome performance at Sunday’s Grammys.

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