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Top Model Episode Two

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 27, 2008

What is up with this seasons cast of top model? Geez, I know models are supposed to have that ‘look’, but I didn’t think that look meant looking like any of these girls. First you have Marvin, I mean Marvina, no I do mean Marvin, who looks like she still is homeless, Fatima who looks like she got spagetti thrown in her hair, Stacy Ann who holds the Guiness World record for largest forehead, Lauren who I’m convinced works at Starbucks next to my house, and Whitney, token plus size model, and who are we kidding. The day a plus size model wins on this show is the day Tyra really does become homeless.

Speaking of being homeless, who does Tyra think she is? Saying she is confronting a powerful issue because on her show she was homeless for a day. WHAT? Tyra, it doesn’t count when you do it voluntarily and when you do in fact have a house. Basically all you did was just camp outside in the gutter without a tent. You have nothing in common with people who are homeless. And, what gives with your ‘homeless makeup’? Your on the streets for a day and yet your withered and filthy like you’ve been out there for 25 years?

Please enjoy the above clip. I sure did. I love Tyra pretending to be concerned about money, and why she would need to find a place to be clean, even though she is only fake dirty (it’s makeup remember Tyra?).  

Stuff like that make me hate watching the show, but love hating it. Thank you Tyra.

Check out ThreadTrend for a hilarious recap to the episode.


One Response to “Top Model Episode Two”

  1. jessica said

    ok! this i have to agree with you!

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