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CD Of The Week: Goldfrapp ‘Seventh Tree’

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 28, 2008


To prove I don’t hate everything in this world, let me make a suggestion for something I love.  I thought I would do a weekly ‘cd of the week’ to show off some of the music/albums I love. Go buy Goldfrapp’s new cd ‘Seventh Tree’. You might be thinking, she’s too dancy (aka- too gay) but in fact this cd is a great singer-songwriter album (something I love) that music fans of all genres can appreciate. And for the gays who love uber-gay dance pop, well this cd isn’t for you.

Below is her video for ‘A&E’


One Response to “CD Of The Week: Goldfrapp ‘Seventh Tree’”

  1. Jim said

    You like Goldfrapp = good.
    You’re intelligent and articulate = good.
    Yet you’re so closed-minded, you think calling something ‘gay’ is some kind of insult.
    When all it does is demonstrate to all thinking people that you’re too narrow minded and immature to be taken seriously.
    You are homophobic = you are insecure about your own sexuality.
    And it totally makes you unsexy.


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