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Justin Timberlake = Not Funny

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 29, 2008


I don’t like Justin Timberlake. In fact, the longer he is in existense, the more I dislike him. You could say I’m this close to hating him. Why you ask? Because if it’s one thing that gets on my nerves, make that two things (amongst many) that get on my nerves with celebrities, its – 1)people who think they are jack of all trades (singing, ‘acting’, commercials, world peace, etc) and 2) PEOPLE WHO AREN’T FUNNY!

Justin Timberlake falls into the black hole of both of those catergories. And one other thing to add, I can’t stand that everyone thinks he’s hot, and that he thinks he’s hot. He looks like he was born albino and had that permanent makeup surgery to add some color to his ever pastey skin. Who does he think he is acting now? He is soon to be ‘star’ of ‘The Love Guru’ coming out later this year. Please, it’s bad enough that by looking at that picture from your new movie everyone in America can tell how bad it’s gonna be, but starring next to Verne Troyer? Is he still alive? Didn’t he die from munchkin aids years ago?

I just think people like Justin should stick to what he is known for. Notice I didn’t say good at. Just go back to making predictable music and stop thinking you are so hot. Verne Troyer is hotter than you AND funnier. How’s that for your ego?



10 Responses to “Justin Timberlake = Not Funny”

  1. Jacob said

    Thank You!! This should go on dig.

  2. threadtrend said

    another sad point to add is that I heard that he stuffed for that scene…I think of your not that “gifted” down stairs and your first movie role calls for a speedo, Stuff the hell out of it!

  3. jessica said

    awww…the poor critic who wrote this bullshit about jt is so lonely and sad and sure could use a little anger management! you probably tried to meet him and he shrugged you off so you wrote this poor made up story! go back to the rock you crawled out of and stay there!

  4. First off Jessica, whats made up about what i wrote? Its called an opinion. Second, I’m not lonely, I’m very much in love, and third if I ever came across Justin it would be to tell him how unimpressive he is. I’ll send him your regards fangirl.

  5. billy bob saget said

    Seriously….HAve you seen this?!?! ITS HORRIBLE! How old are you to even defend this fool? If your under 18..,than it makes perfect sense.
    Your a Sheep, J-ASS-ica!
    At least some one has the nuts to speak his mind on calling out CRAP that JT does, Too bad JT has no nuts at all…as seen in the picture….
    If this guy hates him so much why would he get pissed if JT snubbed him, that probably happend to you, and you feel like shit.
    You should go back under that ass you came out of!
    and BTW…you know when you leave comments on stuff worpress blogs, that person has your email….lets hope he does not get to your myspace page…
    Cause sadly you probably look like a whore that got hit by a car.

  6. And FYI Jess, sticking up for celebs is PATHETIC! If your like this with him now I cant imagine what you were like during his NSYNC days.

  7. jessica said

    uh…I’m not the one who obsesses over fans for a living!! who’s pathetic?

  8. metal – business…

    […]Justin Timberlake = Not Funny « TV Celeb News[…]…

  9. Aliyyisar said

    FYI jess had a opinion and who ever dislikes justin don’t go around putting hate on him.he has more everything that u will ever have and stop being jealous justin timberlake is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen on earth and is talented at everything he does.ily justin xx

  10. Aliyyisar said

    And it ins pathetic to go talking shit about one of the most successful people is not pathetic to have love towards to someone u look upto and follow and dream to be with.not putting hate on jt haters just saying keep it to ur self unless u love him and want to spread the love.whos going to his 20/20 experience tour,so me!xxxx love you forever and ever jt

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