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Christina Aguilera and Her ‘Baby’

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 14, 2008


Congratulations to Christina Aguilera for having a baby. She lied to the world for months about being pregnant and now she is flaunting this demonic looking child for the world to see on People magazine. If there is one reason I HATE celebrities so much, it’s when they whore out their babies to magazines. It’s kinda like baby prostitution if you think about it. Highest bidder wins, and the rich celebs get richer.

 I’m not big on kids and/or babies. I get uncomfortable around them, I hate when people ask me to hold their new baby cause I think I might drop it. And I’m definately not one to say ‘Aw, what a cute baby’ even if it is. And looking at Christina’s, that ain’t no cute baby. It looks like an old man and it’s name should be McGee.



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