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Sarah Silverman Show: Season 1 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Poop jokes, Black Gods and TAB, oh my! That pretty much sums up season 1 of the Sarah Silverman show. In your face offensive politically incorrect humor is my cup of tea.

I’m gonna review this one a bit differently from the rest only because there are only 6 episodes on here so I’m gonna do it by each episode. Those without a sense of humor please do not continue onward down this page.

Officer Jay: Sarah gets depressed because her sister goes on a date with a police officer, the police officer that just so happens to arrest Sarah for driving while high on cough syrup. Not my favorite episode but it does improve throughout the season, it sets a good base for whats to come.

Humanitarian of the year: I loved this episode. Sarah’s sister’s boyfriend receives an award for his kind acts, and to upstage him Sarah takes in a homeless person to live with her. At Officer Jay’s award ceremony Sarah gets the attention after announcing her good deed to the crowd. Eventually the hobo goes mad, and trys to kill Sarah because she mentioned his Mom who used to be a cafeteria worker, and queefed all the time. So, to warn Sarah, the dead Mom comes to tell her the only way to stop him from killing her is to queef. She does, and eventually becomes great friends with ‘queefy’. At the end of the episode Queefy must leave, disney style, out the window into the stars.

Positively negative: My favorite episode. Sarah has the ‘blahs’ and needs good news so she gets an aids test to cheer her up. She soon finds out she may be positive, so she becomes an aids activist, active in promoting herself, in the fight, or awareness of herself. She gathers people for an aids rally and midway through must stop it because she has to go get her test results. The crowd is furious that she is an imposter, but Sarah tries to calm them down with the musicall styling of Jewel.

Not Without my Daughter: Another good episode. Sarah tries year after year to become the winner of the child pageant she painfully lost when she was young. Being too old, Sarah adopts a girl to live her life through and win the pageant. She trains this girl vigorously to aim for the top. My favorite line of the season occurs when the girl walks out on Sarah and says ‘Stick it up your motherfucking ass’ and Sarah responds “MAYBE I WILL!’.

Muffin Man: Another great one, Sarah falls for a lesbian, Tig. ‘I’m trying to watch Tig’s vagina.’ What she meant to say was I’m trying to watch the TV, Tigs Vagina helps her remember ‘TV’. Tig doesn’t believe Sarah is really a lesbian, but a new haircut, and a song about lesbianism shortly changes Tigs mind. Soon the two have an opportunity for romance, Tig goes in for the kiss, and Sarah turns away.

Batteries: After Sarah’s batteries go dead for her remote, she must go to the store to get new ones. As she makes her way to the store she encounters a wheelchair race across town, homeless people and cops. She also makes time to have her daily brunch with her sister and friends, in which she lets out a fart, but accidently poops. Thus leads into a song about, what else, poop. And in the end, she meets God, who is black, and turns bad guys into Bugles.

Every episode has a musical number to it, which is somehow charming even if they do have to do with poop. Each one has a happy ending in its own bizarre way. If you don’t like in your face offensive, politically incorrect shows, stay far away from this one. If you do like these shows, grab some bugles and enjoy the ride.

Score: 7/10


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