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Alert The Party Planning Commitee

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Everyone’s favorite (especially mine) uptight Dunder-Mifflin accountant is pregnant. Angela Kinsey who plays Angela Martin on ‘The Office’ and her husband are expecting their first child in May.

Congratulations are a must, however what I’m really happy for is what this will do to her storyline. Dwight and Angela having a baby? Pleasure overload. I can imagine how messed up that kid would be. Hurry up and get off strike would ya so we can get this great show back on the air and have Dwight plant his Schrute seed.


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The Office: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


The third season of The Office started out shaky. The chemistry between the characters was gone, in large part to Jim leaving the Scranton branch. Dwight didn’t have his enemy/friend, and Pam didn’t have her best friend. The first five or six episodes made me miss season 2. I didn’t like much of the new cast members from the other branch, and most of the storylines were just a over the top Michael, which I can only take in small doses mixed with the work of the other fantastic cast memebers, which seemed to take an even further step behind Michael in these first few episodes.

Come episode eight, things are looking up! Jim is back! His branch closed and brings him back to his fellow employees he loves to hate. We’re introduced to several new members of ‘Dunder-Mifflin’, some stay and a few leave. Karen, the wedge in between Jim and Pam, is a great addition I feel. She remains likeable despite making things tough for Jim and Pam to get together. Another addition is Andy, who is my least favorite the show has to offer. His over the top humor goes miles above Michael’s, and is annoying, quite honestly. I’m glad that the show plays on that in one episode.

One of my favorite things this show does is create an enormous amount of character depth for a half hour show. And even though there are so many cast members, they find a way to make each moment with each person really count. Each subtle gesture, or glare adds to these wonderful characters in such a way I’ve never seen.

The last half of the season really focuses on Jim and Pam. I loved the way the story progressed and again, loved that a half hour show can have depth and a wonderful storyline. We also get to see Michael trying to move up to a better position in the company, but loses the job to a surprising yet familiar face, and the last two minutes of the season finale are quite possibly the most rewarding the show has ever offered. The selfless Pam, even through much heartache remains positive and upbeat, and finally gets her prince.

I’m gonna do something different here and give a brief rundown on all the characters at Dunder Mifflin:

Phyllis: I like Phyllis, I find it funny that she is often the butt of many of Michael’s ugly/fat girl jokes. It was nice to see her get her own episode, and my favorite line from her is to Karen when she asked who Bob Vance was.

Toby: I find his patheticness great. There is always someone like Toby, and its good to see them put him in that light. Michael’s unnecessary hatred for him is also wonderful. Let’s see what comes of Toby’s little crush on Pam.

Oscar: Possibly one of my favorite moments this season is when he brushes past Angela and she screams ‘Don’t touch me!’ and falls to the floor, terrified that a homosexual just laid hands on her.

Pam: What can I say about Pam. Such a great character, subtle brilliance. I loved her speech at the bon fire about taking risks, and missing Jim. This entire season was hers.

Jim: Laid low for the first few episodes as I said, but once he came back it was great to see him and Dwight go at it and his constant looks at the camera are priceless.

Angela: My favorite cast member. I love her. What a wonderful character she plays. I was so happy to see her finally get more airtime. Her secret love with Dwight is deliciously disturbing, and her constant disapproval with everything that goes on in the workplace keeps me coming back for more.

Creed: An awkward character, but funny. Best moment was when he talks about his blog that he writes, but it just turns out to be a wordpad document that Ryan set up for him.

Ryan: He’s starting to grow on me. I didn’t like him in season’s one or two, but I liked him better here. He doesn’t do anything that makes me laugh too hard but he was a consistent character this year.

Kelly: Love her as well. Dumb blonde packaged as an Indian.

Michael: I have a love/hate relationship with him. Sometimes I think he is too over the top, and when that happens the only way I can stand him is when the supporting cast can come in and give some comic relief so I don’t have to get it solely from Michael.

Dwight: How perfect is it for me that my two favorite cast members are in a relationship? Him and Angela delight me, one of my favorite lines from Dwight, ‘If Michael was writing a book it would be called ‘Something weird is going on, semicolon, what did Jan say?’

Meredith: Gets the least airtime than anyone, but when she does its always good. Wheather shes drunk of flashing her boobs, I like her.

Stanley: Take him or leave him. Doesn’t do much for me. Maybe the only Stanley moment I liked was when they were competing to be Michael’s successor and he realized he couldn’t pretend to be interested anymore.

Karen: A good addition, likeable, as discussed above.

Andy: As discussed, over the top, not in a good way.

Kevin: I’m not really a fan of his character either. His lazy demeanor rubs me the wrong way.

Overall, this show picks up in the second half of the season and makes up for it and then some. Highly recommended.

Score: 8.5/10

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