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High School Musical: The Failing Grade

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 14, 2008


Bad things come in threes. It’s confirmed that High School Musical 3 is a go, and this time it’s not just a Disney Channel movie, it’s full length feature film set to hit theaters. If I never watched this movie on TV the first two editions,  I sure as hell won’t pay $12 to see it in the theater.

Fans of the movie can once again see Zac Efron, who is the butchest woman I’ve ever seen, Ashley Tisdale who has a new nose so it could help her breathing, but can it help her acting, and Vanessa Hudgens who was involved in a nude photo scandal that was every creepy 50 year old pedophiles wet dream.

You better believe if I was principal of that high school I would have suspended them all just for being annoying little twats.


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Ashley Tisdale makes a career move

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 4, 2007


Who cares about Ashley Tisdale? No one! Unless of course you’re a 12 year old girl or a hardcore ‘High School Musical’ addict. I certainly couldn’t care less about her, however after reading an article that she got a nose job, one quote she said stood out to me:

‘I didn’t do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this for my health, I literally couldn’t breathe out of the right side of my nose”

I can’t breathe out of my nose sometimes, it’s called allergies, and I didn’t go running to get a nose job. I think she got her words confused. I think she meant to say ‘career’ instead of ‘health’. ‘I did this for my career’.

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