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Futurama Movies?

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 28, 2007


One of the best cartoons of the 90’s and 00’s will be making it’s long awaited comeback. Futurama has released a ‘movie’ that is really just 4 individual episodes put into 1 set. The show is set to release 3 additional 4 episode sets, and will also have these episodes airing on Comedy Central next season. ‘Bender’s Big Score’ is the first set that has been released on November 27th, with the rest without a scheduled release date yet.

I don’t really get why they would put these out and package it as a movie, yet have 4 seperate episodes making up that ‘movie’, and I also don’t understand why if they already plan on releasing more ‘movies’, why they couldn’t put them on one set when they’ve all been shown on tv. Oh that’s right, money. If they charge 20 bucks (like they are for this first release) for each one, that’s almost quadruple what they could get if they released these as a season, and in one package.

I like this show a lot, however I do not like the marketing for their comeback. Don’t call these movies, call them episodes and release them as a set and don’t rape the customers with such high prices.


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