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Gay Scandal #1

Posted by tvondvdcritic on March 4, 2008


Another year, another American Idol controversy. No we’re not talking about those petty little ones that surfaced last month involving 2 singers past recording contracts, this one is big ol’ GAY scandal, the kind that gets the nation in a uncomfortable frenzy. David Hernandez has been revealed as having a stripper past, a gay stripper past. Now, the site that kept Sanjaya alive for many weeks, is now endorsing Hernandez as it’s worst.



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CD Of The Week: Goldfrapp ‘Seventh Tree’

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 28, 2008


To prove I don’t hate everything in this world, let me make a suggestion for something I love.  I thought I would do a weekly ‘cd of the week’ to show off some of the music/albums I love. Go buy Goldfrapp’s new cd ‘Seventh Tree’. You might be thinking, she’s too dancy (aka- too gay) but in fact this cd is a great singer-songwriter album (something I love) that music fans of all genres can appreciate. And for the gays who love uber-gay dance pop, well this cd isn’t for you.

Below is her video for ‘A&E’

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Big Brother Scandals

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 17, 2008

This season of Big Brother is shaping up to be one scandalous edition. First that ugly guy James was discovered  jerking off in a porno, and now half nude pics of gay contestant Neil emerge. On top of that ditzy girl Amanda is now accusing her ‘soul mate’ (Big Brothers term, not mine) of molesting her.

With the writers strike just barely over, new shows won’t be back on for quite some time still, so I am stuck watching this. What else am I supposed to watch? I’m just waiting for one of the girls to say they really have a penis.

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Tila Tequila; Gay is OK!

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 31, 2007


Honestly, why do people watch MTV? Any Tila Tequila fans out there? Didn’t think so. Consider this just another hate letter directed to MTV.

Tila Tequila, famous for god knows what had a reality show in which she would date several people and then pick a mate. Sound familiar, yes it does. Among the countless other dating shows, this one stood out because, gasp she’s bisexual! And she got to choose from boys and girls! In the end she did take the more socially acceptable route, choosing the man.

My reason for hating this show, is not only is she someone who has used up her 15 minutes of fame (and I’m serious when I say, what the hell is she famous for?!) but this is MTV’s way of reaching out and becoming accepting of gay people. Think of it as MTV teaching it’s millions of morally doomed viewers that, ‘Hey, gay people are human too’.

And on top of that, she’s BISEXUAL. Please, that’s not gonna win any of us gay people over. MTV, your just as shallow as ever.

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American Gladiators Go Gay

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 20, 2007


      NBC’s remake of American Gladiators is sure to have men tuning in. Gay men. With news that a new gladiator is a former gay porn star, the show is sure to score high in the key demographic of 18-49 year old men. Except most of them might be gay. Of course, why else would a man watch a show with men running around in spandex and showing off their bulges (that means you too wrestling fans, come out of the closet) unless they were at least bi-curious? It surely wouldn’t be to tune into the women on the show would it?

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