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Oscar Snoozefest

Posted by tvondvdcritic on February 25, 2008


How many people sat through those boring Oscars? Not me. Yes I had the tv on but I wasn’t really watching it. I had better things to do, like not caring who won ‘Best Cinematography’ or ‘Best Sound Mixing’. Please, win a real oscar.

I was happy however that Marion Cotillard won. I’ve been wanting to see that movie and if anyone has already seen it please tell me how it was. Other than that, why can’t the writer’s stay on strike and we could just have a ‘Nancy O’Dell Oscar Runthrough’ like we did with the Golden Globes?

 Check out my favorite blog, ThreadTrend as they talk about Marion Cotillard as well!


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Golden Globe Recap

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 14, 2008


For those of you who didn’t see the Golden Globes last night, you didn’t miss much. Read the winners list and your all caught up and saved from having to watch Nancy O’Dell read the winners like I had to. Otherwise, this was how an award show should be. To the point and fast. No ridiculous red carpet glitz and glam, no lame award show jokes, and no acceptance speeches. I hope the writers strike every year.

As far as the winners my only response would be HUH? I’m not the biggest movie buff, but I am a TV fan, and those winners threw me for a loop. Am I the only one who has never heard of the show ‘Mad Men’? Let alone the actor who won for the show. Glenn Close won who is nearing age 107, ‘Extras’ won best comedy and Tina Fey won as well, which other than that last winner, yawn. Thank gosh it was only a one hour show instead of the normal 4 hour snooze fest cause if I had to sit through all that to see those winners I would have been more pissed than a Miley Cyrus fangirl.

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The People Have Spoken

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 9, 2008


Does anybody here actually watch and/or care about the People’s Choice Awards? I’d like to know why they were televised and we can’t have the Golden Globes.

Some of the winners include Drew Barrymore for Favorite Leading Lady. Has she even made any movies lately? Wait, scratch that. Has she made anything that’s not crap lately? And Female Action Star, Keira Knightley. The only action she does is sticking her fingers down her throat.


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Golden Globes Off The Air

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 8, 2008


Well it’s official. There will be no Golden Globes televised this year. However, fans of hour long news confrences talking about the strike will be happy to know that’s what will take it’s place. They also will sprinkle in the announcement of the winners in the broadcast.  My dream of seeing a pitiful show is smashed, I was really hoping to see Rumer Willis steal the spotlight and accept all the awards for everyone. That way she could at least get a little self esteem since she has to look the way she does.

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Golden Globes Not So Golden

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 7, 2008


With the Golden Globes set to be presented on January 13th, we might see new meaning in, ‘The show must go on’. With many of the top celebrities and nominees set to boycott the event in support of the writer’s strike, this blogger is more excited than ever to watch an award show (except of course when it comes Grammy time. I can’t wait to see if that mess named Amy Winehouse shows up, let alone wins an award.). How excellent would that be to watch the show and have nobody but bottom of the barrell celebs in the crowd and none of the winners be present? Let’s just hope they don’t have ‘Miss Golden Globe’ girl Rumer Willis accepting all the awards. Everytime I see her she reminds me of the McDonald’s Moon Man for some reason.  I couldn’t miss seeing all the celebs’ fun and games, glitz and glam fest ruined. Who knows, with all the empty seats there is sure to be, you might see me in the crowd next to Blossom and Melissa Joan Hart.


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