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Golden Globes Not So Golden

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 7, 2008


With the Golden Globes set to be presented on January 13th, we might see new meaning in, ‘The show must go on’. With many of the top celebrities and nominees set to boycott the event in support of the writer’s strike, this blogger is more excited than ever to watch an award show (except of course when it comes Grammy time. I can’t wait to see if that mess named Amy Winehouse shows up, let alone wins an award.). How excellent would that be to watch the show and have nobody but bottom of the barrell celebs in the crowd and none of the winners be present? Let’s just hope they don’t have ‘Miss Golden Globe’ girl Rumer Willis accepting all the awards. Everytime I see her she reminds me of the McDonald’s Moon Man for some reason.  I couldn’t miss seeing all the celebs’ fun and games, glitz and glam fest ruined. Who knows, with all the empty seats there is sure to be, you might see me in the crowd next to Blossom and Melissa Joan Hart.



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Grammy Nominees

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 6, 2007

The nominees for the Grammy Awards were announced today. Now, I haven’t done any articles on music, I kinda wanted to stick to tv, however I’m a big music fan as well. Although I’m not happy with most of these people up for awards.

I have my own ‘best of the year’. Here it is.


Feist “The Reminder” – Best album all year, my favorite due to quality and sentimental reasons

Rihanna “Good Girl Gone Bad” – A guilty pleasure, what can I say?

New Pornographers “Challengers” – Probably the best alternative album all year, well written songs, everything works.

Blonde Redhead “23” – Haunting melodies and intriguing songwriting.

PJ Harvey “White Chalk” – A new direction for her, and it works.


Feist “1 2 3 4”

Wilco “Impossible Germany”

Shins “Phantom Limb”

Arcade Fire “No Cars Go”

Rihanna “Umbrella”

Here’s a full list of the Grammy nominees

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