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Grey’s Star Ties The Knot

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 28, 2007


And yet another celebrity wedding I could care less about, Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl got married to singer Josh Kelley, aka the man with the biggest fucking nose on the planet. Hopefully he didn’t play at the wedding, as his music is not much more appealing than his nose.

Congratulations Katherine. Your married, your star is rising in Hollywood, and now you can slip into obscurity by making bad date movies like ’27 Dresses’ that people will wish they didn’t spend $24 dollars on when they come out of the theater and be overly paid for your roles. Well done. 


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Medium: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


For anyone who hasn’t seen Medium, once told the premise they may think its a show not for them. I’ll admit it uses a formula that can at times get a bit tedious. Dream, encrypte, skepticize and solve. Repeat. The payout of the show happens when the beginning ties up to the end. Everything in between may be filler at times, but it gets the job done getting you to point A to point B and once that happens, Meduim shows off how good a show it really is. Having said that, since this show is in its 3rd season, keeping the process of dreaming and solving crime fresh, they need to come up with a way to shake things up a bit. They end up doing a nice job of that by throwing in some continuing storylines for the first time in this shows history. We get the return of 2 evil bad guys, Allison’s nemesis, a fellow mind reader who preys on weak women in a time of need, and an evil Dr. from the past who becomes an evil spirit in helpless victims. Along with them we have Joe, Allison’s husband, who gets a storyline, which to me seemed a bit weak at times, but ended up concluding nicely at the end, and Allison gets one in the form of a 3 episode season conclusion which highlights the dvd set with its strongest moments.Medium excels as a serialized show. I’m quite surprised it hasn’t gone that way already, but with how well the finale worked I wouldn’t be shocked to see them use that format more in season 4. Having each of the final 5 episodes have consequences for the rest really made the show have some pop and break away from the typical stand alone psycic crime solver. Within the final five episodes, Allison’s secret of working for the DA using her special talent gets revealed to tthe world in the middle of a nationwide media frenzy over a killer who decapitates people, and throws her and her familys world upside down, that of which will have consequences for the rest of the shows existence.The season starts out with a two parter titled ‘Four Dreams’. We get to see her real life husband play her dead ex boyfriend, and we also see the extent of Bridgette’s psycic ability as her dreams come into play involving a crime. For about the next 8 episodes Medium sinks into a hole, and never really regains momentum until ‘The One Behind The Wheel’. The premise of, is one where Allison begins to act as a dead womam who was about to be killed by her husband. This of course complicates her marriage with Joe as she stays in the state shes in for a couple days. Insisting she’s not ‘Allison DuBois’ she finally realizes something is wrong and decides to cooperate and fix the problem by solving the mystery as to why she is like that. Though it was a good episode, it suffers the same problem that the season finale from last year had, using one popular song throughout the ENTIRE episode. This song of choice was Corrine Bailey Ray ‘Like a Star’. It adds a good element to the show when they put in a pop song (i.e.- Grey’s Anatomy) but to only use that one throughout the whole episode, dilutes it.

The meat of the season occurs at the end where as I said above Medium becomes serialized for a bit. I surely hope it stays that way for season 4 because I loved it. Joe gets held hostage in his work, and the remaining episodes show him struggling with depression which affects his relationship with the kids and Allison. It didn’t do much for me until Allison’s storyline ended, which happened to involve her being ‘outed’ as a psycic by a news reporter played by Neve Campbell. Campbell befriends Allison as poses as a traveling businesswoman looking for a friend. What she really ends doing is using Allison for information regarding the ‘recapitator’ (puts heads on dead decapitated bodies, don’t ask, just watch the show) and for info on the D.A. When Allison dreams that her ‘friend’ is going to be the next victim of the murderer, she trys to warn her, and when her friend doesn’t believe her, Allison tells her how she knows, and the next day the local newspaper runs a story outing Allison. It was a great way to end the season, leaving a cliffhanger for viewers to wonder just how badly this will affect the DuBois family in the future.

For the most part is was a very good season. It had a low point halfway through but it ended well. Now let me get to the parts I hated since I seem to hate a lot of things about other things. The daughters. Yes, the adorable little psycic girls. However I do like Bridgette. I think for a 8 year old she has fantastic comedic timing. I do not like Ariel. I hate the way she and every other ‘child actor’ overacts. They make every dramatic scene way too dramatic and every other scene too high school play-y, if that makes sense. And there was one scene that made me wanna turn it off when they gave the youngest girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old, a line when she answers the phone, with a smile as if she knows its her big moment and says ‘Its for you Mommy’ before the other person on the line had time to talk.

This season built off the success of season 2, and continued to add to my appreciation for this great show with a great cast, particularly Patricia Arquette.

Score: 8/10

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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Let’s recap! Season 2 left us with the death of Denny (Am I the only one who didn’t like him? He was weird to me, and kinda annoying) and Izzy quitting the intern program.  Burke had been shot (hope that shut him up for a while) and Merideth was dealing with having to make a decision between McDreamy and the ‘vet’.

I don’t like when shows will come back from a cliffhanger and start the story well in advance from where they left off (cough cough Alias season 4 premiere!), however they managed to pull this off semi well. We get flash backs of Addison and Derrick arguing because he found out she had a fling with his best friend, which had yet to be shown, but was eventually in a later episode. I hated the fact that he did the same thing, and yet he is upset at her? Another reason I hate ‘McDreamy’ or maybe I should call him ‘McOver-rated’. What’s all the fuss about him?

We see Izzy lying on the bathroom floor, which apparently she had been there for several days. One other thing I found kinda ridiculous. And Merideth still had yet to make a choice, but apparently went home with Derrick the night of the cliffhanger. In the coming episodes she decides to date both of them, but in the end, and to no surprise to anyone on the planet, she chooses Derrick. He resists a bit, they have some rocky moments, but overall that is there storyline this year, kinda boring. However, Merideth’s got a whole seperate issue to deal with later in the season, and it’s wonderful, more on that later.

Izzy decides to try to come back into the intern program, to confront the chief about a possible re-admission, but stands out front the hospital….for an entire day! What is up with her and lack of movement. Not very believable and isn’t even dramatic, just ends up seeming stupid just like her bathroom grieving. She eventually makes her way back into the program but is on probabtion. She’s not allowed to work on patients just observe.

One other odd Izzy storyline is she inherits money from Denny in the sum of 9 million dollars. She doesn’t deposit it into the bank for months, and the resolution to that storyline is she uses the money to help Dr. Bailey fund a free health clinic and names it in Denny’s honor. Seemed like that story should have been worked out a lot better, because the payoff to her decision with the money wasn’t worth it.

Looking back on Izzy this season, I really wasn’t too pleased with her performances. Her stoylines were bad, she came off as whiny and bitchy, and even her Emmy winning performance, where she gives a blood transfusion to her daughter whom she hasn’t seen since putting her up for adoption, didn’t blow me away.

We get to see a lot more of Calle, one of my favorite characters. She stands out from the rest of the cast, and gets more involved with George. They end up getting married (in Vegas by the way) and their storyline also falls flat. Calle however is a good addition to the cast and I find her really likeable. However, couldn’t she go for someone better than George?

Speaking of George, I liked him last season. He was a sweet gentile person. This season, he was an ass. Simple as that. A bitchy little ass. Nothing he did this year made me care about him, it just made me hate him more. He fails the big intern test at the end of the season, so I can only hope that means hes gone for good.

With the addition of more screen time for Calle, we get a new character. McSteamy. He plays a man whore plastic surgeon who is on again off again with Addison. He doesn’t have a huge part in the show, but his presence shakes things up a bit between Derrick and Addison and even Merideth.

Addison has become one of my favorite cast members. A very likeable character who has to deal with the heartache of seeing Merideth and Derrick everyday at work.  As I said, she goes on and off again with McSteamy and even Alex (who actually has his first major storyline late in the season). However, as likeable as she is, it doesn’t mean she can’t have bad storylines.

Example being the ridiculous late season episodes (or should I say ‘Private Practice’ episodes) where she goes to LA to ‘have fun and let go of her worries’ and ends up working in a ‘private practice’, hence the spinoff. It wasn’t that the episodes were bad, it’s just that they weren’t Grey’s Anatomy episodes! And to do that so late in the year, when so many major storylines were unfolding and ready to be resolved, threw me for a loop. Grey’s Anatomy took a backseat to the Addison show AKA Private Practice.

There were moments where my love for Addison grew however. Her seen in the elevator when she found out she couldn’t have kids delighted me. And despite the disruption of flow for Grey’s Anatomy thanks to these Addison eps, she worked it. She showed that she is a great actress. I still like her, which is saying something since this season made me dislike a lot of people.

As I said, Alex gets a story! After a crash that left a woman mangled and nearly faceless, she gets admitted into the hospital as a Jane Doe. No record of her, her face damaged beyond recognition, a Jane Doe. Alex is her doctor and begins to bond with her. They have a strange love developing through time, but as she regains her memory, he realizes she wasn;t the woman who first entered the hospital. She wasn’t Jane Doe anymore. It was nice to see his character get some depth besides sex, however he also had the single most hated moment for me all season. He happens to be in a room right next to McSteamy and Calle as they discuss not telling anyone they just had sex, and as they both leave the scene you see Alex, behind the door eating an apple with a evil smirk on his face. I hated it! An apple? Really?

The Cristina/Burke storyline didn’t interest me, probably because I don’t like Burke. Long story short, he’s a jerk as usual all season and he dumps her seconds before their wedding. Cristina on the other hand is wonderful in every scene she is in. I wasn’t disappointed she didn’t get a better story, something that showed her by herself, not always with Burke, but regardless she nailed every one. Her scene at the end of the season when he leaves her is spine tingling.  After preparing for a wedding she didn’t want to participate in and seeing Burke leave, she stands in her wedding dress, and says ‘I’m free’ and proceeds to cry and scream to get her wedding dress off. Sounds like a comedic scene, but trust me it’s not. It’s almost the best all season. Almost. We’ll get to the best in a second.

This season belonged to Merideth. You wonder why I say I loved this season so much, but yet as you’ve read above, it sounds so negative, this is why I love this season. Merideth. Everything I love about her comes out here. Nothing having to do with Derrick. Their storyline fizzled all year except for the season finale when, shortly before, Derrick and Merideth have a talk about ‘them’ and it seems close to being over, without the words actually spoke, Merideth comes to the front of the chapel, Derrick standing to the side of as the best man, and announces to everyone ‘It’s over’ (the wedding) and then under her breath, with Derrick within range, she says, ‘so over’. Loved it loved it.

We also get to see her trying relationship with her mother. In one episode her Mom goes off on her saying Merideth is a disappointment. She lashes back and lets her have it, showing a range of emotion and anger. The first time this character has shown true anger. One thing I love about Ellen Pompeo (Merideth) is her subtlety. Seeing this range of emotion added to my appreciation.

We get to see her with her Dad, who left her as a child, and just recently comes back into her life with his new wife. They have an icy yet tolerable relationship all season, until his new wife gets sick, and eventually dies from an unexpected trauma. Then, as Merideth goes to break the news to her Father, the best moment all season occurs. He slaps her. Jaw dropping. The emotion in that scene brings chills to me. That’s not it though. Even after that, Merideth prepares to go to her funeral, and face her father, and as she leaves to go her Father comes to confront her and tell her she is not allowed. Ellen Pompeo should get an Emmy for that episode for sure.

After all her family drama, we really see that she is alone. She has Derrick, but even that doesn’t make her whole, nor happy. She is alone. Merideth has the most emotional depth of anyone on the show, and is a joy to watch everytime she is on screen.

SO did I like this season? I loved it. Were there issues? Yes. Bad storylines? Yes. However, despite storylines that didn’t follow through or just didn’t interest me, it was the characters that made me like the show. Yes Izzy was whiny, yes George was an ass, but that’s what a good show does, it gives characters life. Makes you feel for them, or root against them. And I have an opinion on every single character because this show allows me to. Like them, or hate them, your involved with them, and that’s what a great show does to you, gets you involved.

Score: 9/10

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