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Lohan Holidays

Posted by tvondvdcritic on March 4, 2008

My dreams are coming true. Coked out mother of the year, Dina Lohan is getting her very own reality show. In it, we get to see her manage her daughter Ali’s singing career. Now, I already know what a talented singer she is. I bought my boyfriend her Christmas cd at Big Lots for 4.99 last year as a gag gift, and let me tell you it is full of Christmas magic and Lohan holidays. In it, Dina gets her paws all over the songs doing background vocals and even speaking her own psalm verse in one of the songs. Needless to say the cd is a Christmas miracle, it’s a miracle anyone would invest money into making that piece of shit.

Now that Lindsey is bonafide star, drug addict and slut/whore, Ali is Dina’s last chance to live vicariously through, good luck Dina. Her show premieres on E! later this year.

Enjoy Ali’s music video above, I sure didn’t.


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Move over Firecrotch

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 28, 2007


Move over Lohan, there’s another irresponsible young adult trying to drink her way to the top of the tabloid talk. Mischa Barton formally of ‘The OC’ was arrested last week when she was pulled over for driving on two lanes, and failing to use her turn signal. Sounds like a typical day for me. When they pulled her over they found she was drunk and in possession of marijuana and on top of that she didn’t have a license.

Despite her lack of work, this is a great way to get her mug back on the cover of magazines.  The exposure for Mischa will do wonders for her ‘career’ and all she has to do is follow in Lindsey’s footsteps. Those are some trashy shoes to fill.

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