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Let’s Use The Word Celebrity Loosely

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 2, 2008


I’m not sure what to say about the new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. These celebrity reality shows are really quite sad if you think about it. Most of the time you get these ‘celebrities’ that were either one hit wonders from 1982, was an extra in some obscure movie, is married to someone semi famous, or a former reality star.

All the celebrities on this show fit my explanation above. You have such people as: Nadia Comenichi, a gymnast from Romania who won a gold medal in the Olympics in the year only God knows when, Lennox Lewis, a former boxing champ, Gene Simmons of Kiss, who is the celebrity this show is whoring out the most since obviously he’s the most successful, and Omarosa, who is a legend in her own head. As for the rest, does it really matter?

I’m not sure what they win, but I know what they lose. Their dignity.



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