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Gay Scandal #1

Posted by tvondvdcritic on March 4, 2008


Another year, another American Idol controversy. No we’re not talking about those petty little ones that surfaced last month involving 2 singers past recording contracts, this one is big ol’ GAY scandal, the kind that gets the nation in a uncomfortable frenzy. David Hernandez has been revealed as having a stripper past, a gay stripper past. Now, the site that kept Sanjaya alive for many weeks, is now endorsing Hernandez as it’s worst.



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American Idol Preview

Posted by tvondvdcritic on January 10, 2008


It’s January so it must be American Idol time. What was once an entertainin audition month, has now become the same old tired ridiculous freak show of wannabees and rejects. Yes it was amusing the first 75,000 times we saw some weird looking guy sing ‘Like A Virgin’. It made us feel like we weren’t alone in the bad voice catergory. Now however, Idol, especially the last few years, has gone way overboard with the audition part. They extend it to last longer, and is it just me or do they get worse each year. Oh I forgot that’s what America wants to see. Count me out.

Honestly I haven’t watched a whole season since number 2, and very rarely after that. If I wanted to hear bad singers I would sing to myself. I’m not stupid American Idol. I know and the country knows that these auditioners have no right even making it on tv, and you just put them on to get a reaction and you still think it’s funny. Get a better since of humor.

Don’t get me started on the actual competition. Karaoke Idol is more like it. Basically, I don’t like this show. It’s one of those things though, if you live in this country, you need to know the whos-who on Idol. So if there is a Sanjaya part 2 this year, I’ll hate him, but I won’t look away either. It’s the stuff blog dreams are made of.

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