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Survivor: Mullet Edition

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 31, 2007


If anyone out there still watches Survivor, you all got to witness ‘Lunch Lady Denise’ fib her way to $50,000. Apparently in the finale of the show, while being interviewed, she said she was demoted from her job at a school cafeteria, to a janitor after taking time off to be on the show. Feeling bad for her, the producers gave her 50 grand.

 Afterwards, people began to find out she wasn’t telling the truth. She actually requested to be a janitor before leaving for the show. When that news came out she decided to donate the money to charity.

I say, cut her some slack, she could have used that money for important things. Like building a time machine to take her back to 1986 when mullets were acceptible in our society.


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Mindfreak Me As To Why People Would Buy This

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007

I never understood why people would buy reality shows on DVD. I think there replayability is extremely low and for that not worth the price of the set. Even more so is the low replay value of contest reality shows such as Survivor. I get why they would put it out since it’s a hit show (but going down the tubes fast. Honestly, how many more ‘twists’ and shocking betrayals can this show have? I’ve been over this show since season 3) but the only reason I can think of that people would own this is just to collect it.

Than there are other shows that I wonder why people would even buy. Example being Criss Angel Mindfreak. I’ll admit I don’t know much about him or his show, but I kinda get the premise and that’s enough for me to form an opinion.

First of all, he scares me. A lot. I don’t like the way he spells his name either (I bet he doesn’t really spell it that way which is sad). I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show and all I know is he screams MINDFREAK!! really loud which is part of the reason he scares me and he does illusions, or ‘mindfreaks’ (I don’t know if he calls them that, seems like he would, but boy I hope not) in front of hicks or people who have never seen a ‘magic’ trick, so these people get especially mindfreaked when they see him vanish into thin air or jump off a building or whatever he does.

I saw one part of his show where he was hiding behind a wall on a roller coaster (I guess the hicks didn’t know that behind that wall was where the ‘trickery’ comes into play. Me, I see the wall, and I’m not impressed. Do your freaking out in the open!) and when the coaster comes to his part he’s in the roller cart. Then they pan to the hick crowd and they are shocked, awed, and/or mindfreaked.

I also saw once where he was on Larry King talking about his tricks and illusions and he even showed him some mild magic. Point being, he mindfreaked Larry King. That’s disturbing enough for me, enough said.

I can’t imagine the replay on this show being too high. You see one mindfreak, you’ve seen them all.

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