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Lost: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 20, 2007


Ok, forget the entire season of Lost and let’s talk about that horrible finale. I know tons of people loved it, I hated it! How stupid do they think we are? From the moment the last episode started, I knew this was not a ‘flashback’ but instead a flash forward.  And that is their shocking surprise? Who in the world doesn’t think they are gonna be rescued?

So now, are we gonna have to see flash forwards the rest of the series’ limited 3 year run? Not exciting. I don’t care that Jack wants to get back to the island. He’s an idiot. What are the odds he ever will anyway, he doesn’t even know where it is.

Instead of wrapping up all the open storylines/mysteries, they created more, and even stupider ones. I wanna know why:

-Walt magically appeared

– Who the hell Jacob is

– What happens to Ben

– Where is Penelope

But instead, we see Jack with a beard that would make an indie kid jealous, and see him popping pills the whole episode. What confuses me even more is why fans ate this shit up?

So I lied. I will talk about the rest of the season. It wouldn’t be much of a review if I didn’t. I love shows with ensembles. This ranks right up there. Despite a bad ending, it had enough mystery and suspense that kept me hoping it would resolve itself. Even though it did not, I have to give it credit for at least keeping me glued to my seat til the last minute.

The season starts out with Jack, Kate and Sawyer captured by the others. They spend the whole first half of the season captured, and even now at the end of the season, we still have no good reason why the others do what they do. The whole year focuses on the others and a big reason I was so disappointed with the ending is, if your gonna focus on one storyline all year, at least explain it better, but they didn’t. We go into season 4 still as confused as ever.

Toward the end of the season, we have a mysterious woman parachute onto the island, claiming she is with a search team, who claims the entire plane was found with all the survivors, and they are all dead. So who are these people then? This woman has a radio signal, but before they can call for help, Locke, who I hate more than anyone, trys to warn Jack not to use it. Jack does anyway, and the rescue boat is soon nearby. Then we get the ‘flashforward’ to hobo-esque Jack, beard in full effect, and we soon (or in my case I knew since the first 5 minutes of the finale) find out it’s Jack off the island. Season over.

Bad ending, enough plot twists, and exciting moments for me to still say I loved the season, If I can hate it so bad but still love it, then it’s doing a lot right.

Score: 9/10


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Friday Night Lights: 1st Season Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 4, 2007


I dont like football. I liked this show. Friday Night Lights at first glance appears to be about football and nothing else. While football is the central theme of the show, its the emotional value the characters put into it that make it likeable. I know what your thinking. Not another show that turns every ending into a tearjerker. Well, its not like that. Yes it has moving scenes, but the best thing the show has going for it is its rawness. Even the way the show is shot, with shaky camera work, and awkward angles make it seem like your right there next to them. I cant say enough about that aspect because I would say thats the reason I like the show, one of the only reasons. I hate football, the storyline was predictable, I hated a lot of the charecters, but i still liked the show.

The first episode focuses on the city of Dillon Texs and the high school football team, the Panthers. I wasnt blown away by the pilot, however it set the tone for the ‘rawness’ factor and that itself was intriguing. The cliffhanger was slightly ridiculous though. The star quarterback gets paralyzed in the first game of the season. The city is devastated and wondering how they will recover and play good football. Anybody who doesn’t think that by seasons end the team wont win the big championship, doesnt watch much tv, because of course they win, I’ll spoil that for you right now.

Jason, the quarterback who got paralyzed, makes a less than dramatic recovery, and has ups and downs with his cheerleader girlfriend Lila. The storyline did nothing for me, except make me hate Jason. He had the typical Nancy Kerrigan ‘Why me?’ motto and would bitch and whine about everything. Everything except handicapped rugby that is. Yes, handicap rugby. He tries out for the Beijing Olympics (what?) and once he fails to make the team his life is in pieces yet again. Until he gets a job as a assistant coach for his former football team of course. Yep, even though another character earlier in the season tried to get a job for the team but couldn’t because it was too late in the season, Jason manages to get the job in a matter of two days.

The show revolves around coach Taylor. A tough guy on the outside, sweet on the inside kinda guy. We’ve seen a million of this guy on tv before. His storylines are predictable. Wife and Daughter drama, work drama, etc. etc. Despite that, I still hadn’t given up on this show at this point. And I think the main reason why is the acting has a way about it. It’s not the best acting, in fact I would go as far as to say sometimes its overacted, but it looks as if its almost natural, like there isnt any acting. And even though I didn’t like all the actors, they put all of themselves into it, which is more than a lot of shows do now a days.

Coach Taylor and his homelife play a big part in the show. And that’s a good thing, because I didn’t know how much more I could take of high schoolers acting like it’s the end of the world if they lost the game. Yes I know it’s their life but come on. Sometimes it just seemed like they did not act their age and that football was God to them, except only not, because the show also has a large Christian vibe to the show.

Julie, Coach Taylor’s daughter, develops a relationship with Matt, the quarterback after Jason gets crippled (oops did I just say that?). Julie’s character is pleasant enough. One of the more likeable people on the show for me, probably because she hated how the town worshipped the football players. Her involvement with Matt causes complications for her Dad since that is a player on his team. One of the better storylines of the season, including the best moment of the season when Julie’s Mom discusses sex with Julie and screams ‘You cannot have sex!”

Speaking of Matt, he is my favorite person on the show. He was the realest, most likeable character there. He lived with his Gramma and was one of the few people not to get on my nerves all season. He had more emotional depth than anyone, and the best storylines of anyone (Julie, his Dad coming back from Iraq, his Gramma)

Not to be forgotten (unfortunately) is ‘Smash’ and Tim. Smash plays the cocky black kid who thinks he better than anyone. Oh and he takes steroids, gets caught, and gets off clean without punishment! Another reason to be a football player! Tim, is a drunk at the age of 16, and starts sleeping with someone in their 40’s. Did I mention he’s 16?

A big critique I have of the show (as if I didn’t have enough already) is how the team manages to win games with seconds left by some miraculous play. Thats not believeable. And it happens in almost every game they win. Team is down with only minutes remaining. The coach calls them over for a pep talk. They go back on the field and win the game. If that was the whole episode I would have stopped watching after the first show. I have to keep referring back to the acting style though, the reason I kept watching.

Yes they annoyed me, yes it was slightly overacted, but I can’t say enough about the way the show is produced and shot. It makes up for the problems a lot. Despite an iffy storyline all season, there are enough good plots to get you through, and the look of the show will bump it up a few notches, which it does for me.

Score: 7.5/10

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Another Big Amazon Sale

Posted by tvondvdcritic on December 4, 2007

Here’s some more tv show sales news to pass along. is having some big sales through December 17th with some of the titles including ‘The Closer’, ‘The OC’, ‘Sopranos’,  ‘Rome’,  ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Sex in The City’, ‘Extras’ and many more for up to 60% off!

Also enjoy another sale through with newer released dvd’s including ‘The Simpsons’,  ‘My Name Is Earl’, ‘Prison Break’ and a lot more. Happy shopping.


Another Sale!

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Futurama Movies?

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 28, 2007


One of the best cartoons of the 90’s and 00’s will be making it’s long awaited comeback. Futurama has released a ‘movie’ that is really just 4 individual episodes put into 1 set. The show is set to release 3 additional 4 episode sets, and will also have these episodes airing on Comedy Central next season. ‘Bender’s Big Score’ is the first set that has been released on November 27th, with the rest without a scheduled release date yet.

I don’t really get why they would put these out and package it as a movie, yet have 4 seperate episodes making up that ‘movie’, and I also don’t understand why if they already plan on releasing more ‘movies’, why they couldn’t put them on one set when they’ve all been shown on tv. Oh that’s right, money. If they charge 20 bucks (like they are for this first release) for each one, that’s almost quadruple what they could get if they released these as a season, and in one package.

I like this show a lot, however I do not like the marketing for their comeback. Don’t call these movies, call them episodes and release them as a set and don’t rape the customers with such high prices.

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My Black Friday Receipt

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


My favorite shopping day has come and gone, and this year was a bit of a letdown. Maybe because I have most of everything that was on sale, my purchasing was limited a bit. I ended up with the following:

Six Feet Under: The Complete Series ($119.99)

Extras: Season 1 & 2 ($13.49 each)

24: Season 2 ($24.99)

Family Guy: Season 4 ($14.99)

House: Seasons 1 & 2 ($12.99 each)

Seinfeld: Seasons 1 & 2 ($14.99 each)

A couple of those things were for Christmas gifts, and the HBO sets were for me. My receipt total was pretty low considering all I got. Hope everyone had a good day of shopping, I did despite the lack of choices.

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Mindfreak Me As To Why People Would Buy This

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007

I never understood why people would buy reality shows on DVD. I think there replayability is extremely low and for that not worth the price of the set. Even more so is the low replay value of contest reality shows such as Survivor. I get why they would put it out since it’s a hit show (but going down the tubes fast. Honestly, how many more ‘twists’ and shocking betrayals can this show have? I’ve been over this show since season 3) but the only reason I can think of that people would own this is just to collect it.

Than there are other shows that I wonder why people would even buy. Example being Criss Angel Mindfreak. I’ll admit I don’t know much about him or his show, but I kinda get the premise and that’s enough for me to form an opinion.

First of all, he scares me. A lot. I don’t like the way he spells his name either (I bet he doesn’t really spell it that way which is sad). I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show and all I know is he screams MINDFREAK!! really loud which is part of the reason he scares me and he does illusions, or ‘mindfreaks’ (I don’t know if he calls them that, seems like he would, but boy I hope not) in front of hicks or people who have never seen a ‘magic’ trick, so these people get especially mindfreaked when they see him vanish into thin air or jump off a building or whatever he does.

I saw one part of his show where he was hiding behind a wall on a roller coaster (I guess the hicks didn’t know that behind that wall was where the ‘trickery’ comes into play. Me, I see the wall, and I’m not impressed. Do your freaking out in the open!) and when the coaster comes to his part he’s in the roller cart. Then they pan to the hick crowd and they are shocked, awed, and/or mindfreaked.

I also saw once where he was on Larry King talking about his tricks and illusions and he even showed him some mild magic. Point being, he mindfreaked Larry King. That’s disturbing enough for me, enough said.

I can’t imagine the replay on this show being too high. You see one mindfreak, you’ve seen them all.

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Medium: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


For anyone who hasn’t seen Medium, once told the premise they may think its a show not for them. I’ll admit it uses a formula that can at times get a bit tedious. Dream, encrypte, skepticize and solve. Repeat. The payout of the show happens when the beginning ties up to the end. Everything in between may be filler at times, but it gets the job done getting you to point A to point B and once that happens, Meduim shows off how good a show it really is. Having said that, since this show is in its 3rd season, keeping the process of dreaming and solving crime fresh, they need to come up with a way to shake things up a bit. They end up doing a nice job of that by throwing in some continuing storylines for the first time in this shows history. We get the return of 2 evil bad guys, Allison’s nemesis, a fellow mind reader who preys on weak women in a time of need, and an evil Dr. from the past who becomes an evil spirit in helpless victims. Along with them we have Joe, Allison’s husband, who gets a storyline, which to me seemed a bit weak at times, but ended up concluding nicely at the end, and Allison gets one in the form of a 3 episode season conclusion which highlights the dvd set with its strongest moments.Medium excels as a serialized show. I’m quite surprised it hasn’t gone that way already, but with how well the finale worked I wouldn’t be shocked to see them use that format more in season 4. Having each of the final 5 episodes have consequences for the rest really made the show have some pop and break away from the typical stand alone psycic crime solver. Within the final five episodes, Allison’s secret of working for the DA using her special talent gets revealed to tthe world in the middle of a nationwide media frenzy over a killer who decapitates people, and throws her and her familys world upside down, that of which will have consequences for the rest of the shows existence.The season starts out with a two parter titled ‘Four Dreams’. We get to see her real life husband play her dead ex boyfriend, and we also see the extent of Bridgette’s psycic ability as her dreams come into play involving a crime. For about the next 8 episodes Medium sinks into a hole, and never really regains momentum until ‘The One Behind The Wheel’. The premise of, is one where Allison begins to act as a dead womam who was about to be killed by her husband. This of course complicates her marriage with Joe as she stays in the state shes in for a couple days. Insisting she’s not ‘Allison DuBois’ she finally realizes something is wrong and decides to cooperate and fix the problem by solving the mystery as to why she is like that. Though it was a good episode, it suffers the same problem that the season finale from last year had, using one popular song throughout the ENTIRE episode. This song of choice was Corrine Bailey Ray ‘Like a Star’. It adds a good element to the show when they put in a pop song (i.e.- Grey’s Anatomy) but to only use that one throughout the whole episode, dilutes it.

The meat of the season occurs at the end where as I said above Medium becomes serialized for a bit. I surely hope it stays that way for season 4 because I loved it. Joe gets held hostage in his work, and the remaining episodes show him struggling with depression which affects his relationship with the kids and Allison. It didn’t do much for me until Allison’s storyline ended, which happened to involve her being ‘outed’ as a psycic by a news reporter played by Neve Campbell. Campbell befriends Allison as poses as a traveling businesswoman looking for a friend. What she really ends doing is using Allison for information regarding the ‘recapitator’ (puts heads on dead decapitated bodies, don’t ask, just watch the show) and for info on the D.A. When Allison dreams that her ‘friend’ is going to be the next victim of the murderer, she trys to warn her, and when her friend doesn’t believe her, Allison tells her how she knows, and the next day the local newspaper runs a story outing Allison. It was a great way to end the season, leaving a cliffhanger for viewers to wonder just how badly this will affect the DuBois family in the future.

For the most part is was a very good season. It had a low point halfway through but it ended well. Now let me get to the parts I hated since I seem to hate a lot of things about other things. The daughters. Yes, the adorable little psycic girls. However I do like Bridgette. I think for a 8 year old she has fantastic comedic timing. I do not like Ariel. I hate the way she and every other ‘child actor’ overacts. They make every dramatic scene way too dramatic and every other scene too high school play-y, if that makes sense. And there was one scene that made me wanna turn it off when they gave the youngest girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old, a line when she answers the phone, with a smile as if she knows its her big moment and says ‘Its for you Mommy’ before the other person on the line had time to talk.

This season built off the success of season 2, and continued to add to my appreciation for this great show with a great cast, particularly Patricia Arquette.

Score: 8/10

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Heroes: Season 1 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Maybe the most hyped-up show of last fall season was Heroes. Now, I had not seen a single episode on tv, and I came into the show thinking it was gonna be sci-fi to the max, and I don’t particularly care for sci-fi. However, all the hype and all the praise can’t be wrong right?

 I could make this review really short. Here it is in a nutshell:

Random people discover random powers and decide to use them to save the world. However, they do not know what they are saving the world from, only that they need to save it. Some characters know how to use their powers, some don’t. Some know how to act, some don’t.

I must say that this had some of the worst acting *I have ever seen*.

In large part of Milo Ventimiglia. His screaming scenes and scenes of terror make me cringe, and also wonder how he got cast on this show.

The characters are spread across the country, but yet most of them are conveniently located in New York, where the ‘saving of the world’ will take place. They all awkwardly discover their powers and struggle with how to use them. Some more ‘amazing’ then others. Hiro’s ability to travel time is pretty cool I guess, as long as you ignore the fact that he ends up in ancient Japan in the 1400’s as part of the cliffhanger of season 1. You read that, ancient Japan. Someone tell me why I should care and how that makes sense.

Other powers include Jessica and Nikki. I still don’t know if it is one woman or two. Throughout the season the evil one appears to fight bad guys because the nice one is too weak. But then the two personas fight each other, and then they make up, and then at the end it turns out it’s the nice girl all along! She IS strong enough to fight the bad guys. How nice for her, how ridiculous for me.

And then there is Officer Parkman, formerly of my favorite show Alias, who can hear people’s thoughts. I didn’t have a huge issue with him except for the fact that halfway through the season he leaves to fight Sylar (who I will get to in a minute) and nothing else is explained about his wife and unborn child.

We also have  Mohinder, who is as annoying as his name sounds. He is ‘normal’ (for how long? Please, I can see this hidden power coming from a mile away) His father apparently searched the world for people with powers and was killed, so Mohinder takes over. How do they find these people with powers? I still don’t know.

Then there is Peter. The lead actor, god help us. He has the ability to absorb anyone elses powers when he is around them. He has a hard time learning to control his abilities and chaos ensues on more than one occassion. He also learns that he is what these heroes need to save the world from, because he is gonna explode! How? Who knows! They don’t bother to tell us why in the world he blows up! Guess we need to use our imagination!

There are several other heroes who don’t annoy me as much. There is Claire, the cheerleader, who was a part of the stupid slogan, ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ which in the end doesn’t turn out to be true, and she also has an adopted Dad, who, let me see if I get this straight, works for a company that captures these heroes for tests, and puts tracking devices inside them, and then finds out he has to bring his own daughter in to run tests, so instead he fakes his own death. Ok, I guess I hate Claire too.

The only character I could semi stand was Nathan, the brother and, get this, Claire’s real Father. He is running for office, congress I think, I stopped caring, and has the ability to fly. At one point he flys away during a speech to thousands, and nobody questions anything! Stupid townsmen.

I gave you the short version of the season, now here is the slightly longer one. As stated, random people recieve powers, for no reason at all, and must stop Peter from blowing up. However they don’t know that’s even happening until the second he’s about to explode. The entire time before, they know they have to save the world, but don’t know from what, so they look even stupider than they already are. Along the way they also have to defend their lives from ‘the bad guy’ Sylar. He, like Peter, can absorb other powers, but to get his he must kill them and steal their brain. Trust me it’s not exciting.

On a side note, another reason this show frustrated me, is anyone and everyone had a power. There seems to be no shortage of gifts under the super power tree. No explanations to why they have them, and even the smallest of characters (role wise and size wise) have powers. Maybe you too have a power. The power to not watch this show perhaps?

As you are about to read my score for this show, you may be surprised to why I gave it that high of score. I will say that most of my frustration and what I wrote is directed to the second half of the season. The part when they are supposed to explain what was, for the most part, an interesting show that just needed some answers, but instead we just got more confusion. If you can tolerate a show with a potentially good storyline that goes downhill and bursts into flames (literally, Peter Petrelli) in the second half, Heroes is the best show ever.

Score: 5.5/10

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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Let’s recap! Season 2 left us with the death of Denny (Am I the only one who didn’t like him? He was weird to me, and kinda annoying) and Izzy quitting the intern program.  Burke had been shot (hope that shut him up for a while) and Merideth was dealing with having to make a decision between McDreamy and the ‘vet’.

I don’t like when shows will come back from a cliffhanger and start the story well in advance from where they left off (cough cough Alias season 4 premiere!), however they managed to pull this off semi well. We get flash backs of Addison and Derrick arguing because he found out she had a fling with his best friend, which had yet to be shown, but was eventually in a later episode. I hated the fact that he did the same thing, and yet he is upset at her? Another reason I hate ‘McDreamy’ or maybe I should call him ‘McOver-rated’. What’s all the fuss about him?

We see Izzy lying on the bathroom floor, which apparently she had been there for several days. One other thing I found kinda ridiculous. And Merideth still had yet to make a choice, but apparently went home with Derrick the night of the cliffhanger. In the coming episodes she decides to date both of them, but in the end, and to no surprise to anyone on the planet, she chooses Derrick. He resists a bit, they have some rocky moments, but overall that is there storyline this year, kinda boring. However, Merideth’s got a whole seperate issue to deal with later in the season, and it’s wonderful, more on that later.

Izzy decides to try to come back into the intern program, to confront the chief about a possible re-admission, but stands out front the hospital….for an entire day! What is up with her and lack of movement. Not very believable and isn’t even dramatic, just ends up seeming stupid just like her bathroom grieving. She eventually makes her way back into the program but is on probabtion. She’s not allowed to work on patients just observe.

One other odd Izzy storyline is she inherits money from Denny in the sum of 9 million dollars. She doesn’t deposit it into the bank for months, and the resolution to that storyline is she uses the money to help Dr. Bailey fund a free health clinic and names it in Denny’s honor. Seemed like that story should have been worked out a lot better, because the payoff to her decision with the money wasn’t worth it.

Looking back on Izzy this season, I really wasn’t too pleased with her performances. Her stoylines were bad, she came off as whiny and bitchy, and even her Emmy winning performance, where she gives a blood transfusion to her daughter whom she hasn’t seen since putting her up for adoption, didn’t blow me away.

We get to see a lot more of Calle, one of my favorite characters. She stands out from the rest of the cast, and gets more involved with George. They end up getting married (in Vegas by the way) and their storyline also falls flat. Calle however is a good addition to the cast and I find her really likeable. However, couldn’t she go for someone better than George?

Speaking of George, I liked him last season. He was a sweet gentile person. This season, he was an ass. Simple as that. A bitchy little ass. Nothing he did this year made me care about him, it just made me hate him more. He fails the big intern test at the end of the season, so I can only hope that means hes gone for good.

With the addition of more screen time for Calle, we get a new character. McSteamy. He plays a man whore plastic surgeon who is on again off again with Addison. He doesn’t have a huge part in the show, but his presence shakes things up a bit between Derrick and Addison and even Merideth.

Addison has become one of my favorite cast members. A very likeable character who has to deal with the heartache of seeing Merideth and Derrick everyday at work.  As I said, she goes on and off again with McSteamy and even Alex (who actually has his first major storyline late in the season). However, as likeable as she is, it doesn’t mean she can’t have bad storylines.

Example being the ridiculous late season episodes (or should I say ‘Private Practice’ episodes) where she goes to LA to ‘have fun and let go of her worries’ and ends up working in a ‘private practice’, hence the spinoff. It wasn’t that the episodes were bad, it’s just that they weren’t Grey’s Anatomy episodes! And to do that so late in the year, when so many major storylines were unfolding and ready to be resolved, threw me for a loop. Grey’s Anatomy took a backseat to the Addison show AKA Private Practice.

There were moments where my love for Addison grew however. Her seen in the elevator when she found out she couldn’t have kids delighted me. And despite the disruption of flow for Grey’s Anatomy thanks to these Addison eps, she worked it. She showed that she is a great actress. I still like her, which is saying something since this season made me dislike a lot of people.

As I said, Alex gets a story! After a crash that left a woman mangled and nearly faceless, she gets admitted into the hospital as a Jane Doe. No record of her, her face damaged beyond recognition, a Jane Doe. Alex is her doctor and begins to bond with her. They have a strange love developing through time, but as she regains her memory, he realizes she wasn;t the woman who first entered the hospital. She wasn’t Jane Doe anymore. It was nice to see his character get some depth besides sex, however he also had the single most hated moment for me all season. He happens to be in a room right next to McSteamy and Calle as they discuss not telling anyone they just had sex, and as they both leave the scene you see Alex, behind the door eating an apple with a evil smirk on his face. I hated it! An apple? Really?

The Cristina/Burke storyline didn’t interest me, probably because I don’t like Burke. Long story short, he’s a jerk as usual all season and he dumps her seconds before their wedding. Cristina on the other hand is wonderful in every scene she is in. I wasn’t disappointed she didn’t get a better story, something that showed her by herself, not always with Burke, but regardless she nailed every one. Her scene at the end of the season when he leaves her is spine tingling.  After preparing for a wedding she didn’t want to participate in and seeing Burke leave, she stands in her wedding dress, and says ‘I’m free’ and proceeds to cry and scream to get her wedding dress off. Sounds like a comedic scene, but trust me it’s not. It’s almost the best all season. Almost. We’ll get to the best in a second.

This season belonged to Merideth. You wonder why I say I loved this season so much, but yet as you’ve read above, it sounds so negative, this is why I love this season. Merideth. Everything I love about her comes out here. Nothing having to do with Derrick. Their storyline fizzled all year except for the season finale when, shortly before, Derrick and Merideth have a talk about ‘them’ and it seems close to being over, without the words actually spoke, Merideth comes to the front of the chapel, Derrick standing to the side of as the best man, and announces to everyone ‘It’s over’ (the wedding) and then under her breath, with Derrick within range, she says, ‘so over’. Loved it loved it.

We also get to see her trying relationship with her mother. In one episode her Mom goes off on her saying Merideth is a disappointment. She lashes back and lets her have it, showing a range of emotion and anger. The first time this character has shown true anger. One thing I love about Ellen Pompeo (Merideth) is her subtlety. Seeing this range of emotion added to my appreciation.

We get to see her with her Dad, who left her as a child, and just recently comes back into her life with his new wife. They have an icy yet tolerable relationship all season, until his new wife gets sick, and eventually dies from an unexpected trauma. Then, as Merideth goes to break the news to her Father, the best moment all season occurs. He slaps her. Jaw dropping. The emotion in that scene brings chills to me. That’s not it though. Even after that, Merideth prepares to go to her funeral, and face her father, and as she leaves to go her Father comes to confront her and tell her she is not allowed. Ellen Pompeo should get an Emmy for that episode for sure.

After all her family drama, we really see that she is alone. She has Derrick, but even that doesn’t make her whole, nor happy. She is alone. Merideth has the most emotional depth of anyone on the show, and is a joy to watch everytime she is on screen.

SO did I like this season? I loved it. Were there issues? Yes. Bad storylines? Yes. However, despite storylines that didn’t follow through or just didn’t interest me, it was the characters that made me like the show. Yes Izzy was whiny, yes George was an ass, but that’s what a good show does, it gives characters life. Makes you feel for them, or root against them. And I have an opinion on every single character because this show allows me to. Like them, or hate them, your involved with them, and that’s what a great show does to you, gets you involved.

Score: 9/10

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The Office: Season 3 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


The third season of The Office started out shaky. The chemistry between the characters was gone, in large part to Jim leaving the Scranton branch. Dwight didn’t have his enemy/friend, and Pam didn’t have her best friend. The first five or six episodes made me miss season 2. I didn’t like much of the new cast members from the other branch, and most of the storylines were just a over the top Michael, which I can only take in small doses mixed with the work of the other fantastic cast memebers, which seemed to take an even further step behind Michael in these first few episodes.

Come episode eight, things are looking up! Jim is back! His branch closed and brings him back to his fellow employees he loves to hate. We’re introduced to several new members of ‘Dunder-Mifflin’, some stay and a few leave. Karen, the wedge in between Jim and Pam, is a great addition I feel. She remains likeable despite making things tough for Jim and Pam to get together. Another addition is Andy, who is my least favorite the show has to offer. His over the top humor goes miles above Michael’s, and is annoying, quite honestly. I’m glad that the show plays on that in one episode.

One of my favorite things this show does is create an enormous amount of character depth for a half hour show. And even though there are so many cast members, they find a way to make each moment with each person really count. Each subtle gesture, or glare adds to these wonderful characters in such a way I’ve never seen.

The last half of the season really focuses on Jim and Pam. I loved the way the story progressed and again, loved that a half hour show can have depth and a wonderful storyline. We also get to see Michael trying to move up to a better position in the company, but loses the job to a surprising yet familiar face, and the last two minutes of the season finale are quite possibly the most rewarding the show has ever offered. The selfless Pam, even through much heartache remains positive and upbeat, and finally gets her prince.

I’m gonna do something different here and give a brief rundown on all the characters at Dunder Mifflin:

Phyllis: I like Phyllis, I find it funny that she is often the butt of many of Michael’s ugly/fat girl jokes. It was nice to see her get her own episode, and my favorite line from her is to Karen when she asked who Bob Vance was.

Toby: I find his patheticness great. There is always someone like Toby, and its good to see them put him in that light. Michael’s unnecessary hatred for him is also wonderful. Let’s see what comes of Toby’s little crush on Pam.

Oscar: Possibly one of my favorite moments this season is when he brushes past Angela and she screams ‘Don’t touch me!’ and falls to the floor, terrified that a homosexual just laid hands on her.

Pam: What can I say about Pam. Such a great character, subtle brilliance. I loved her speech at the bon fire about taking risks, and missing Jim. This entire season was hers.

Jim: Laid low for the first few episodes as I said, but once he came back it was great to see him and Dwight go at it and his constant looks at the camera are priceless.

Angela: My favorite cast member. I love her. What a wonderful character she plays. I was so happy to see her finally get more airtime. Her secret love with Dwight is deliciously disturbing, and her constant disapproval with everything that goes on in the workplace keeps me coming back for more.

Creed: An awkward character, but funny. Best moment was when he talks about his blog that he writes, but it just turns out to be a wordpad document that Ryan set up for him.

Ryan: He’s starting to grow on me. I didn’t like him in season’s one or two, but I liked him better here. He doesn’t do anything that makes me laugh too hard but he was a consistent character this year.

Kelly: Love her as well. Dumb blonde packaged as an Indian.

Michael: I have a love/hate relationship with him. Sometimes I think he is too over the top, and when that happens the only way I can stand him is when the supporting cast can come in and give some comic relief so I don’t have to get it solely from Michael.

Dwight: How perfect is it for me that my two favorite cast members are in a relationship? Him and Angela delight me, one of my favorite lines from Dwight, ‘If Michael was writing a book it would be called ‘Something weird is going on, semicolon, what did Jan say?’

Meredith: Gets the least airtime than anyone, but when she does its always good. Wheather shes drunk of flashing her boobs, I like her.

Stanley: Take him or leave him. Doesn’t do much for me. Maybe the only Stanley moment I liked was when they were competing to be Michael’s successor and he realized he couldn’t pretend to be interested anymore.

Karen: A good addition, likeable, as discussed above.

Andy: As discussed, over the top, not in a good way.

Kevin: I’m not really a fan of his character either. His lazy demeanor rubs me the wrong way.

Overall, this show picks up in the second half of the season and makes up for it and then some. Highly recommended.

Score: 8.5/10

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