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Heroes: Season 1 Review

Posted by tvondvdcritic on November 25, 2007


Maybe the most hyped-up show of last fall season was Heroes. Now, I had not seen a single episode on tv, and I came into the show thinking it was gonna be sci-fi to the max, and I don’t particularly care for sci-fi. However, all the hype and all the praise can’t be wrong right?

 I could make this review really short. Here it is in a nutshell:

Random people discover random powers and decide to use them to save the world. However, they do not know what they are saving the world from, only that they need to save it. Some characters know how to use their powers, some don’t. Some know how to act, some don’t.

I must say that this had some of the worst acting *I have ever seen*.

In large part of Milo Ventimiglia. His screaming scenes and scenes of terror make me cringe, and also wonder how he got cast on this show.

The characters are spread across the country, but yet most of them are conveniently located in New York, where the ‘saving of the world’ will take place. They all awkwardly discover their powers and struggle with how to use them. Some more ‘amazing’ then others. Hiro’s ability to travel time is pretty cool I guess, as long as you ignore the fact that he ends up in ancient Japan in the 1400’s as part of the cliffhanger of season 1. You read that, ancient Japan. Someone tell me why I should care and how that makes sense.

Other powers include Jessica and Nikki. I still don’t know if it is one woman or two. Throughout the season the evil one appears to fight bad guys because the nice one is too weak. But then the two personas fight each other, and then they make up, and then at the end it turns out it’s the nice girl all along! She IS strong enough to fight the bad guys. How nice for her, how ridiculous for me.

And then there is Officer Parkman, formerly of my favorite show Alias, who can hear people’s thoughts. I didn’t have a huge issue with him except for the fact that halfway through the season he leaves to fight Sylar (who I will get to in a minute) and nothing else is explained about his wife and unborn child.

We also have  Mohinder, who is as annoying as his name sounds. He is ‘normal’ (for how long? Please, I can see this hidden power coming from a mile away) His father apparently searched the world for people with powers and was killed, so Mohinder takes over. How do they find these people with powers? I still don’t know.

Then there is Peter. The lead actor, god help us. He has the ability to absorb anyone elses powers when he is around them. He has a hard time learning to control his abilities and chaos ensues on more than one occassion. He also learns that he is what these heroes need to save the world from, because he is gonna explode! How? Who knows! They don’t bother to tell us why in the world he blows up! Guess we need to use our imagination!

There are several other heroes who don’t annoy me as much. There is Claire, the cheerleader, who was a part of the stupid slogan, ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ which in the end doesn’t turn out to be true, and she also has an adopted Dad, who, let me see if I get this straight, works for a company that captures these heroes for tests, and puts tracking devices inside them, and then finds out he has to bring his own daughter in to run tests, so instead he fakes his own death. Ok, I guess I hate Claire too.

The only character I could semi stand was Nathan, the brother and, get this, Claire’s real Father. He is running for office, congress I think, I stopped caring, and has the ability to fly. At one point he flys away during a speech to thousands, and nobody questions anything! Stupid townsmen.

I gave you the short version of the season, now here is the slightly longer one. As stated, random people recieve powers, for no reason at all, and must stop Peter from blowing up. However they don’t know that’s even happening until the second he’s about to explode. The entire time before, they know they have to save the world, but don’t know from what, so they look even stupider than they already are. Along the way they also have to defend their lives from ‘the bad guy’ Sylar. He, like Peter, can absorb other powers, but to get his he must kill them and steal their brain. Trust me it’s not exciting.

On a side note, another reason this show frustrated me, is anyone and everyone had a power. There seems to be no shortage of gifts under the super power tree. No explanations to why they have them, and even the smallest of characters (role wise and size wise) have powers. Maybe you too have a power. The power to not watch this show perhaps?

As you are about to read my score for this show, you may be surprised to why I gave it that high of score. I will say that most of my frustration and what I wrote is directed to the second half of the season. The part when they are supposed to explain what was, for the most part, an interesting show that just needed some answers, but instead we just got more confusion. If you can tolerate a show with a potentially good storyline that goes downhill and bursts into flames (literally, Peter Petrelli) in the second half, Heroes is the best show ever.

Score: 5.5/10


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